• Provide opportunity for learners to develop their own practice, as part of their role in identifying and addressing needs-led gaps in practice, through development of critical appreciation of the multi-dimensional impact of cancer and cancer treatments, and the drivers that influence contemporary cancer considerations and practices.
  • Demonstrating achievement of the module’s specific learning outcomes – through the form of 2 written pieces of academic work: a critical evaluation of practice (that identifies and addresses a need-led practice gap), and a personal critical reflection of learning.

Target Audience

Health Care professionals, who provide, support or influence the care of those who are facing, or living with, a cancer diagnosis and treatment. 

Those with appropriate background qualifications to study at Masters Level 7.

 NB: Academic Exit points: This module can be taken as a stand-alone CPD or along with other relevant modules to exit at various points, Diploma, Certificate or full Masters.

Date and Duration

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15 week module runs Sept – December;

6 contact days over consecutive Wednesdays for 1st 6 weeks of module.

Submission of assessed work due on week 15 of module.


  • The nature of cancer development and spread in the body.
  • The role and function of the immune and lymphatic system, and the issues that arise in the cancer development context.
  • Epidemiology and Aetiology of cancers and the relationship to informing cancer practices. 
  • Contemporary approaches and considerations in cancer detection, diagnostics, decision making and treatment /therapeutic modalities.
  • Side-effects, risks and emergency consideration.
  • The Lived experience – the wider impact of cancer and cancer care and treatment that influences individual’s well-being.
  • Person-centred and holistic approaches to cancer care and treatment.
  • Ethical considerations that inform cancer care practices and approaches.
  • The role and function of multi-professional team working in cancer care and treatment.
  • Key factors affecting service delivery and design.


20 credits – academic level 7

Number of Places and Cost

Number of places:



£1150 per 20 credit module (Subject to change)

Venue and Location


Virtual online classroom hosted by The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre


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