Kate Greaves.jpg Associate Director of Clinical Education

 Kate Greaves   RN, MSc Leadership & Management in HCP
 E-mail: kate.greaves@nhs.net
 Direct dial:  0151 556 5159


Macmillan Lecturer/Head of Clinical Education

Debbie Wyatt.jpgDebbie Wyatt    RN, RNT, Cert Ed, DPSN, ENB 237, BA (Hons) Health, MSc Nursing
E-mail: d.wyatt@nhs.net
Direct dial:  0151 556 5218


Macmillan Senior Lecturers

Angela Ashcroft.jpgAngela Ashcroft    RN, RNT, ENB 931, BSc (Hons) Professional Practice (Oncology Care), MEd 
E-mail: a.ashcroft@nhs.net
Direct dial:  0151 556 5285

Jacquie Ball.jpgJacquie Ball    RN, PGCE (HE), Dip (HE), ENB Specialist Practice (Palliative Care), WNB Theory and Practice of Palliative Care, BA (Hons) Health Care Practice (Palliative Care)
E.mail: Jacquie.ball@nhs.net
Direct dial: 0151 556 5402


Practice Education Facilitators

Nicola Stobbart   RN, RM, CaSH Nurse, MSc Public Health
E-mail: ccf-tr.cccpef@nhs.net 
Direct dial:  0151 556 5404

Leanne Owen    
E-mail: ccf-tr.cccpef@nhs.net 
Direct dial:  0151 556 5404


PA to Associate Director of Clinical Education/Clinical Education Administration Team Manager

Jane Knight
E-mail: jane.knight1@nhs.net 
Direct dial: 0151 556 5393


Senior Clinical Education Administrator

Carla Coxon.jpgCarla Coxon     PGDip (Psy), BA (Hons) Psychology and Religious Studies
E-mail: carla.coxon@nhs.net
Direct dial: 0151 556 5220





Clinical Education Administrators

Lucie Conway.jpgLucie Conway      BA (Hons) Journalism, MA Information and Library Management
E-mail: lucie.conway1@nhs.net
Direct dial: 0151 556 5121




Kate Axworthy       Dip (Administrative Procedures)
E-mail: kate.axworthy@nhs.net
Direct dial: 0151 556 5393