This module aims to equip you to critically analyse the decision-making skills required to safely assess, plan and deliver care for patients receiving systemic anti-cancer therapies (SACT).

The assessment components provide you with the opportunity to critically evaluate your own service, with a focus on service improvement, whilst also demonstrating competency in the safe delivery of systemic anti-cancer treatments through completion of the SACT Passport. 

Target Audience

This academic module is aimed at Registered Nurses working in a service that delivers Systemic Anti-Cancer Treatment (SACT) who are required to administer SACT as part of their role, wish to study at Masters level and have an interest in service development. There are theory and practice components to the course and the practice components are flexible depending on the level of SACT administration experience.

Those with appropriate background qualifications to study at master’s level 7.

This module can be taken as CPD or as part of the MSc Cancer Care programme pathway.

NB. If you are pregnant, breast-feeding, planning a pregnancy or undergoing fertility treatment you may wish to consider whether it is an appropriate time for you to enrol on this module as the practice placement requires you to administer a range of SACT treatments including cytotoxic chemotherapy


Date and Duration


4 September 2024 – 17 January 2025


Teaching sessions and student tutorials will be via online virtual classroom with a mix of directed study included.

Taught Dates:

  • Wednesday 4th September  
  • Thursday 5th September  
  • Friday 6th September  
  • Monday 9th September 
  • Tuesday 10th September 
  • Wednesday 11th September 

Clinical Placement:

75 hours Clinical Placement scheduled between 16th September - 18th November 2024                

Assessment Submission Date:

  • Critical Analysis: 11am on Friday 10th January 2025
  • Online presentation [LIVE]: Friday 17th Janaury 2025 (pm)
  • SACT passport: Uploaded to Canvas by 11am on Wednesday 15th January 2025



  • Effective therapeutic communication, gathering patient needs and the importance of empathy
  • Holistic person centred assessment
  • Critical reflective practice and decision making
  • Exploration of SACT treatments
  • Principles of safe SACT administration and the responsibilities of the nurse
  • Side-effects, risks and impact of SACT
  • Clinical practice based hours to enable achievement of SACT administration competencies

20 credits – academic level 7

Number of Places and Cost

Number of places:



£1200 (Subject to change)



Virtual online classroom hosted by The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre

Contact and Application

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Call us on: 0151 556 5790

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